Connecticut State Facts

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Connecticut Tourism CT Hotels State Facts

Here are some common State Facts for Connecticut. List includes state nickname, motto, bird, tree and more.

connecticut's state flag picture

Connecticut's State Flag picture

The State Capital is Hartford. For lodging see Hartford hotels.

State Animal: Sperm Whale

State Bird: American robin

State Fish: Shad

State Flower: mountain laurel

State Gem: garnet

State Hero: Nathan Hale

State Heroine: Prudence Crandall

State Insect: Praying Mantis

State Nickname: Nutmeg state, Constitution state

State Motto: qui transtulit sustinet (he who transplanted still sustains)

State shellfish: Eastern Oyster

State Ship: USS Nautilus

State Song: Yankee Doodle

State Tree: Charter oak

Abbreviations: CT and Conn.